Critical Low
High Wishlist
Medium Undecided


New Incomplete
Confirmed Fix Released
Triaged Won't Fix
In Progress Opinion
Fix Committed Invalid


Precise Jaunty
Oneiric Karmic
Natty Hardy
Maverick Unknown
rls-oo-notfixing Bug Tasks

Total: 000

Column Description
Bug The Launchpad Bug number and a link the the Launchpad Bug.
Summary The 'summary' or 'title' from the bug.
Package The package a bug task was created for relating to the specific bug.
ImportanceThe bug task's importance.
Status The bug task's status.
Assignee The person or team assigned to work on the bug.
Found The milestone during which the bug was found.
Target The milestone the bug task is targeted to be fixed.
Created The date the bug was created the value in parens is age in days.
Fixes Icons indicating if the bug has a patch or branch.

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