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Date Queued Summary Item Type Source Package Origin Last Comment Status Importance Component Date Created
2021-12-23 Vulnerable to information disclosure through various actions 1955352 sru mediawiki (bionic, focal) unseeded bugs brian-murray In Progress Medium universe 2021-12-19
2022-06-14 [SRU] New upstream maintenance and security releases for Focal and Jammy 1978555 sru spip (jammy, focal) unseeded bugs racb New Undecided universe 2022-06-14
2022-06-20 No security updates since release in all Ubuntu releases 1970507 xen () virt,kubuntu bugs ebarretto Fix Committed Medium universe 2022-04-27
2022-07-21 Multiple vulnerabilities in Bionic, Focal and Jammy 1982422 sru gimp (jammy, bionic, focal) xubuntu,ubuntustudio bugs luis220413 New Low universe 2022-07-20
2022-08-26 Versions in Bionic and Focal are vulnerable to CVE-2020-12823 1987569 sru openconnect (bionic, focal) kubuntu bugs luis220413 New Medium universe 2022-08-24
2022-10-18 [jammy] Update gjs to 1.74 using mozjs102 102.3 1993214 upgrade, sru mozjs102 (kinetic, jammy) i386-whitelist bugs vanvugt Fix Committed Undecided main, universe 2022-10-17
2022-10-30 Vulnerable to CVE 2022-37454 (SHA-3 buffer overflow) 1995197 sru pysha3 (bionic, kinetic, jammy, lunar, focal) unseeded bugs janitor New Undecided universe 2022-10-30
2022-11-04 lighttpd CVE-2022-22707 1994989 lighttpd () unseeded bugs mss Confirmed Undecided universe 2022-10-27
2023-01-07 CVE-2022-37290: Pasted zip archive/invalid file causes NPD 1998060 sru caja (kinetic, jammy, lunar, focal) ubuntukylin,xubuntu,ubuntu-mate,ubuntu-budgie bugs crichton New Undecided universe 2022-11-28


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